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When a beginner starts playing poker, understanding and playing poker is quite a difficult problem. Join me to learn the experience of playing Poker for beginners with 91 club.

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Top 10 poker playing experiences that you should know

What is Poker?

Trade | Top 10 poker playing experiences that you should know | Classic World News


1. The way to play tight is always correct.


Playing tight is always effective, you will not lose when playing tight, just win a little or win a lot. Don't mistake tight play for weak play. Weak playing is the style of playing if you hit a card then continue playing, if you don't hit a card then fold. Tight but aggressive, know how to bluff, know how to semi bluff so you can win. And if you like to play loose. You played loose and won, ok keep improving. If you lose when you play loose, if you lose a lot, if you lose painfully, switch to playing tight before burning all your bank roll.


2. Learn experience playing Poker from theory


Theory is boring, but it is necessary. I quite hate math, but my math score is also high because it is necessary for life.


In my opinion, this issue is quite open, if you win consistently, it's okay to ignore the theory, but if every day you lose a lot, lose on time, lose regularly, then start learning the theory right away.


3. More aggressive, stronger


You definitely cannot win if you don't know how to bet and bluff. This issue also partly depends on each person's personality. People who are too good and gentle should not play poker. Poker is suitable for people with strong and decisive personalities.


4. Don't be too delusional


According to my experience playing Poker, win from a small table to a high table. If you are really pro, playing from small table to high table will only take you 1 week. Simply win at the small table and then move up to the medium table, win at the medium table and climb up to the big table… And if you draw or lose at the small table, don't give yourself the illusion that the guys at the small table are playing all the time so you can't read their cards. he climbed up on the big table so I could read all the other guys.


5. Patience


This is related to item 02, which is that you play from a small table to a large table. Next when playing, some days you win and some days you lose. There were days when I sat all day for 8 hours and couldn't get a decent hand to play. Please be patient. This is an important quality for every job and is especially necessary for Poker. Playing poker for a living makes you tired and constantly changing emotions. This is the poker experience you need to practice slowly


6. Learn about bet size and stack ratio


These two things are very difficult, learn them as soon as possible, after learning them, study again and study forever. A great way to understand stack ratio is to play some SNG and apply M to it. Learning about bet size is more difficult, very difficult, extremely difficult, so I'll just list it out for you to pay attention to while playing poker.

Where to play poker online?


Above are some Poker playing experiences for newbies. But that's not all. Please follow the website to wait for other Poker playing experiences and instructions.


Trade | Top 10 poker playing experiences that you should know | Classic World News


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